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Why should primary teacher pursue training course in 2023?

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For many primary teachers, the thought of pursuing formal training is a daunting one. They wonder where they will get time to study and how this would impact their current jobs. However, there are several benefits of investing in training courses for primary school teachers that should not be ignored.

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking up a primary teacher training course:

Become Subject Matter Expert

You will be able to teach your subject matter without any doubts in your mind since you have gone through the course and have understood this well. Besides, being an expert, you will also be able to make your students more interested in the subject. You will have the ability to understand what your students need and how they can be helped. 

You will be able to connect better with them and thus make learning more effective. You will be able to make learning fun in the classroom. You can engage your students by sharing interesting stories, jokes or games. This will help them learn better and retain more information for longer periods of time.

Enhance Teaching Skills

Teaching is a very demanding job and hence, teachers need to have excellent teaching skills. Teachers have to be able to teach students in different ways and at different levels of their learning abilities. Some students may learn better through hearing, some through seeing and some through doing activities.

This means that teachers will have to change their approach according to the needs of each student. They must also know how to motivate them so that they can learn effectively. In order for you as a teacher or trainer in this field to upgrade your knowledge on how best you can teach younger children who are still developing their language skills or older ones who already know what they want from life but just need guidance until they reach their goals (either professional or personal).

Professional Edge over Others

If you are a primary teacher and would like to get a professional edge over others in the field, then it is important that you pursue a teacher course. You pursue an online training program to learn about the latest teaching methodologies and bring fresh ideas to the classroom. This will help you be more effective in your teaching and give you a competitive advantage over other primary teachers.

If you are currently a primary school teacher and want to increase your knowledge and qualifications, then enrolling in a training course in 2023 could help you move up to secondary school level. In addition to gaining an advanced qualification, this would also give you greater job security because there is always demand for qualified teachers at high levels of education.

If you are already working as a secondary school teacher but wish to further develop your skill set or make a career change then enrolment in one of these courses is ideal – particularly if you’re looking for something more challenging than the generalist path offered by most university programs.

Variety of schools and subjects to teach

When you upskill yourself as a primary teacher of the 21st century modern classroom, you are upgraded with all the latest innovative pedagogical trends. You will be able to use a variety of learning tools and technology in the classroom for effective learning of the new learners. With such skills you will be able to teach in a variety of premium schools and even toggle between different subjects.

Increase in salary

Let’s face the truth, upskilled primary school teachers earn way more than those with just a minimum teaching qualification. They are in demand and can easily get jobs in the best schools around. With the right skills, trained primary teachers will be able to command a higher salary and get more benefits.

Teach abroad

As a primary teacher, if you go for a globally accredited teaching qualification like PgCTL, you will be able to move abroad easily and teach in different countries. This will not just be an adventurous experience for your personal growth but it will also expose you to the different teaching styles from various countries and add a lot of value to your resume.


As we can see, the teaching profession offers many opportunities for teachers to develop their career. This will help them to get better job opportunities and earn more money. As a teacher, if you want to grow as a professional, then it is important that you take these courses to keep up with the latest development in education. 

They are easy to follow and provide high quality training content on various topics related to the teaching profession which can help teachers prepare themselves better as professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

To find out more about such upskilling courses for teachers, check out Suraasa, the world’s leading teacher training platform. You can even book a counselling session with their mentors to get personalised guidance. 

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