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What is Wrong With the World Education System?

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The lack of education has negative effects on the population and the economy of a country. As many as one in two children in the world do not go to school, leaving them with no basic education. Girls are particularly disadvantaged in this regard, accounting for more than 50% of the world’s non-schooled population. This is largely due to cultural attitudes, in which boys are regarded as superior, and girls are destined to work at home or to earn their living.

Lack of resources and quality of teaching affect the quality of education. Insufficient financial resources mean that teachers do not receive basic teacher training and overcrowded classes are the norm. Ultimately, the result is that many students do not get the education they need to build a good life. Across the world, a full 56 percent of children will not reach adulthood with the basic skills they need for a successful career.

Despite the many problems associated with the world education system, many cultures have made major advances in transforming broken educational models. While no culture is satisfied with its education system, most cultures fall into one of two categories: broken systems or those that do not prioritize research or innovation. This leaves many children unable to benefit from the latest advances in education. If you’d like to see the world’s education system thriving, consider the following:

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