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Tyson Fury has decided to buy a soccer club

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Famous boxer Tyson Fury wants to own a team from his hometown. At the moment Morkam plays in the third strongest league of English soccer.

For a long time, the boxer did not appear in the ring, but in early December Tyson came out to fight after seven months. Also in April, Fury defended his WBC heavyweight championship belt. In the fight he defeated Dillian Whyte. Also expected to fight for the title of undisputed champion of the world against Alexander Usyk. But “Gipsy King” already thought of something else to do besides boxing. The athlete is going to buy an English soccer club. Morkam Fury decided to buy the club for a reason, this club is from his hometown, he wants to start investing in the club to help it somehow. Tyson has already started investing in the club and now has more ambitious plans.

I’m thinking of buying Morkam, they’re in Ligue 1 now. So I thought to invest a few million in them. To give them a gift so they could move up the ranks. I was offered to buy the club. Although, to tell you the truth, I already own all the training facilities there and even the gym. So maybe you’re talking to the future owner of the club, Fury’s words.

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Unfortunately, Morkam can’t boast a great soccer history. The club was founded 102 years, but in all that time the team has failed to achieve meaningful results in English soccer. Twenty years after its creation, the team showed a very decent level of play. The period from 1960 to 1974 is rightly considered a golden period for the team, because at this time the team has achieved a victory in the Lancashire Cup, a victory in the FA Trophy at Wembley, and also managed to reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup. At first glance, these achievements may seem insignificant, but that’s only if you compare it with the grandees of English soccer at the time. It was a unique event for Morecam. In the new history the club cannot boast any high-profile achievements, for many years the club remains in the lower English divisions. If Fury does buy shares in the club, it could accelerate the growth of the team, because the boxer believes in this soccer project and plans to promote it further.

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