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The Exodus from Sugar processing to ‘Juice’ Making!

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This manuscript is centred around the sugarcane predicament in Kenya. It is a complete documentation of how particular sugarcane farmers have decided to do away with sugar manufacturing! They are swiveling towards juice processing from the despised “gold”– the sugarcane.

Lastly, the article is also a tribute to the person who invented the juice-making machine.

The Dark History of the Confectionery ‘Gold.’

It is no secret that the sugarcane industry is in ruins and demands critical intervention. The problem has long existed, yet, no single leader, not even one, has had the guts; to step up and speak against the grave injustice affecting this industry. Empty promises to revive this dying industry have since been made.

No leader is willing to give farmers a hand, they have tried protesting, but all seems pretence. Thousands of jobs have already been lost; families are battling. As a nation, we have gone ahead to purchase ‘contaminated’ sugar from our neighbouring countries, forgetting the many lives that will be affected by our actions.

Until when are we going to live in a third-world country? It is high time we start making meaningful investments in the sugar industry. Leaders have the mandate to improve lives, not ‘steal’ from the local farmers, who wake up at the crack of dawn to add more to the food basket. As a people, we ought to hold them accountable.

Light at the end of the tunnel!!

Although misfortunes have ravaged the industry, farmers have found other ways to earn a living. They have turned towards the ‘juice’ fraternity as they try to make something out of their miserable lives. It is new for them, considering that no farmer in their right mind would think of such an idea; some of them thought it would be a shot in the dark.

However, it is proving a better way for local farmers to make extra money. Previously, we only heard about passion juice, sweet mango, and pineapple juice; but the tables seem to have turned. Most recently, we have been braced with the new, sweet, homemade ‘sugarcane juice. A new venture, which is now breaking barriers in the soft beverage world, has continuously made the headlines for its refreshing taste.

It is a certified drink, free from all bacteria, and mouth-watering. The sweet juice is a catch; made from raw sugarcane; several public members and prominent parliamentarians have warmly welcomed it. The lawmakers are trying to pass a bill on the commercialization of the drink; won’t that boost the grappling sugar sector?

How is the ‘Juice’ Made?

  • The height of the ‘cane’ should be 2½ meters.
  • Harvest the ready sugarcane from the field.
  • Wash the harvested canes.
  • Ensure that the juice extractor is cleaned.
  • Peel the cane, and ensure all leaves have been removed.
  • Place the peeled cane at the ‘mouth’ of the extractor.
  • Start the extraction
  • Enjoy the juice

The sugarcane juice extractor price in Kenya can be somewhat high. Nonetheless, farmers have gone ahead to defile the odds. They have risen above their ruins to make a living out of the came extractor machine. They have found better coping mechanisms.

What more needs to be done?

The government needs to set up extraction companies across the country. Farmers need primary education on how they can improve this new venture. Whether a farmer owns an acre of land or thirty acres, they should all be treated equally. More investors need to be encouraged to make critical investments in the country.

The cost of an extractor!

As said earlier, the cost can be mind-boggling. Nonetheless, the outcome is a sweet ‘juice!’ But how much will it cost you? It is fortunate to note that the machines come at an affordable price.


Whether you love a cold drink on a hot summer day or when strolling the warm sandy beaches, refreshing sugarcane juice is what you need. Get a sugarcane juice making machine today.

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