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Roofing materials to consider when building a metal roof in Edmonton

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Choosing the right roof type is essential when you need a commercial or residential roof installed. There are several benefits of choosing a metal roof over asphalt. Usually, metal roofs are durableand offer higher protection from natural elements, fire, and environmental threats. Here are some metal materials that you should consider for your roof.

With so many metal roof material options, choosing the ideal one becomes difficult. Most of them offer the longevity and reliability you need for your property.


The eternal look of copper look is supported by durability and long life. Its resistance to corrosion, rotting, and rusting makes it a perfectly maintenance-free option with no need for re-coating or re-painting post installation. Being a soft metal, it is excellent for diminishing noises, preferably during rain and hail. But as it is soft, it may be susceptible to dents and may not support temperature changes. Also, the high cost of copper may deter many people from going for it.


Zinc is highly durable, recyclable, and an excellent energy-saving alternative. However, it needs to be treated to prevent discoloration. Because it is also a soft metal, it is susceptible to dents.


It is a lightweight option and known for its creative design. It is highly recommended as a roofing option if you reside near the coast as it is highly corrosion resistant.


Steel is possibly the best material when choosing a metallic roof. It is robust, solid, and recommended for areas that experience heavy storms and winds. Steel is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material that’s fire-proof.

It is also recommended for hot and cold climate regions as it reflects heat. You can choose galvanized steel to prevent any rusting and corrosion for decades.

Metal tiles

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal with a roof replacement, then metal tiles can be the perfect alternative. While clay tiles are heavier, metal lights are lighter, and you don’t need to re-work your home structure to support its weight.

Metal tiles are also recommended to withstand Canada’s harsh weather conditions and reduce your utility bills. It also prevents your property from fire, wind, and hurricanes. You can hire professionals to install metal tiles on your roof and get relaxed for an extended period.

Standing seam

Standing seam Edmonton roofing system is quite famous for residences because of its ultra-modern look and efficient extreme weather management features. The panel system has a hidden fastener and vertically erected seams that make it weatherproof. They can also be used for low-pitch roofs and primarily work for commercial buildings.

Metal panels

They are primarily used in agricultural and industrial buildings as they are a more affordable than metal titles and standing seam. They offer excellent weather protection and are light in weight.

These are some options you can consider for your Edmonton roof installation. For any further help, you can contact the experts at AMT Roofing and get an instant quote.

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