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Risks of choosing an unlicensed arborist

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When you talk about picking a tree arborist in Toronto, credentials play a vital role. Working with an unlicensed arborist may reduce your instant pricing, but it may cause inconvenience in the future and cost you higher in the long run. This is why it is crucial to choose an experienced, licensed, and accredited tree company.

To put it in simple words:

  • The company should be insured to cover all possible injuries and accidents
  • The company should be licensed to offer all types of tree services.
  • The risks of hiring an unlicensed arborist
  • They can cause damage to your property

Tree pruning or removal is an expert’s job. This procedure involves many risks, and only they know the right way to complete it safely. If an unprofessional hand uses a chainsaw or axe, it can damage the branches of a tree or property. An unlicensed arborist will not have the ability or experience to estimate the direction in which the tree will fall. It will cause the tree to fall on the close by objects causing damage. Hence, working with a licensed professional is your first step to avoiding injury.

They can harm the trees

Hiring a tree expert will help to improve the overall health and look of the trees in your backyard. Unlicensed arborists don’t know the industry standards and cannot use the tools. It leads to harmful results such as topping and tipping, insect bites, rashes, and exposure to infections. They may also trim branches more than needed, leaving your tree naked.

They can cause damage and injury to trees and people

Because of a lack of knowledge about trimming, pruning, removal, and cutting, an uncertified arborist has a higher risk of accidents when doing a task. If uninsured, the property owner would bear any damage or injury. Tree care professionals with licenses and certifications will take care of such situations

They can’t prepare reports

An uncertified arborist lacks the skills of preparing an arborist reports Toronto. This is a professional report demanded by the municipal council, and you need experience, expertise, and ability to frame it, as it includes the age of the tree, its health condition, and life expectancy. Only a certified and accredited arborist can prepare this report.

They may hurt the health of the tree

Using the wrong tools for pruning, trimming or removal can hurt the tree’s health. Trees take years to grow and reach their full potential. There are many factors to be managed before beginning. So, it is best to consult a professional tree service to get the job soundly done.

They may charge you exponentially

Do not go for them if a tree service asks for an upfront payment. Specific tasks may need partial payment before initiating the project. But no materials are needed for services like trimming and removal, so it should be paid once the task is done.

Tree care is a job that needs the expertise of a professional arborist. Hence, it is essential to choose someone with the right skill, expertise, knowledge, and experience to do it. Ensure they have specialized tools to perform the task and are efficiently trained to use them.

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