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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Long Residence Rule Abolished For ILR

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This decision will affect the status of many people living in the UK, particularly those whose residence has been illegal for more than 10 years Densipaper. However, it is important to note that there are a few limited exceptions to the rule. In the Masum Ahmed case, the Court of Appeal held that a previous overstay can be disregarded where a subsequent application is made within fourteen days. However, this exception is only available if the overstay is accidental magazines2day.

The long residence rule for ILR is based on whether or not an applicant has lived in the UK for at least 10 years. In most cases lifestylemission, the rule is not applied to those who have only lived in the UK lawfully for two and a half years. However, if a person lives in the UK for a longer period, they may be eligible for the 20 year rule. This is similar to the 10 year rule, but is easier to meet getliker.


The 20-year rule is less stringent than the 10-year rule. For instance, time spent in prison will not count towards the period of continuous residence. However, if an individual does not spend time in prison, he or she may still be eligible for the indefinite leave to remain ventsmagazine.

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