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Is building a detached garage in Calgary a smart investment?

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Building a garage is an expensive addition to your home. A garage may be cheaper than other home renovations, but the question is whether it justifies the space cost used to store cars. If you’re planning to develop a garage, here are some significant considerations to keep in mind:

  • What amount of space do you need?

Many homes now have a three-car garage if it doesn’t have a basement. Do you want additional space for storage, a workshop, or hobbies? If you have been planning to invest in a recreational car in the coming time, look for the height it will need.

  • What kind of garage does your local law permit?

There are some restrictions by local zoning laws:

  1. Percentage of lands which buildings can cover, including home, garage, etc.
  2. Distance between the property and the building line.
  1. Easy access to the road
  • Do you want an attached garage or a detached garage?

It is costly but not as simple as some homeowners think. It depends on the level of your property. It also depends on the distance between your home (garage) from the property line. Considering the factors, a homeowner can choose between an attached or detached garage.

  • Where will you place the garage and driveway?

Do you want to see the garage doors from the streets or enjoy a side wall facing the road to make it look like a room? Are you planning a driveway so you can turn around and don’t need to back out on the street?

  • Do you want to include living space in the garage?

It is a cost-effective solution after; you have laid the foundation and roof. You have a lot of options to finish the space.

  • Do you want to build it on your own or choose garage builders in Calgary?

It may be tempting to do the project on your own because a garage is smaller than your home, but it requires a lot of effort. If you don’t have the time or you lack the experience and expertise to do it, it is better to hire garage builders Calgary to do it for you.

Why is building a garage a smart investment?

The cost vs. value report helped people know that garage addition done on a reasonable budget will maximize the resale value of your home. If you move ahead with adding a garage, you can look for ways to cut costs and enhance your ability to retrieve more of your investment.

The very first thing to consider when building a garage is how long you plan to live in the current house. A double detached garage project can cost you $50,000 and may add $80000 to your home value. Sometimes, a $50000 garage can only add $30,000 to your home. So, it is essential to recognize and prioritize your requirements and then assess if a detached garage is worth investment or not. Only you can decide that.

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