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Finding The Best Coworking Spaces In El Nido, Palawan

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Getting into the coworking world can be a great way to start your business. However, you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right location. This is because the place can make or break your success.


Located in the southern Philippines, El Nido is a paradise abounding in natural beauty. Tourists can swim with whale sharks, go trekking and surf the waves. It is also known for its secluded beauty. The town has a small but lively community. Although there aren’t a lot of coworking spaces in El Nido, it can still be a good place for working. You can find cafes that serve as coworking spaces. They usually provide high-speed internet and meeting rooms. Depending on the type of working station you rent, the cost can vary.

The best coworking spaces in El Nido offer meeting rooms, high-speed internet, free wifi, and other amenities. Some establishments even offer free shuttle vans for convenience.

Meeting Rooms

Whether you are traveling to El Nido or living in the island, you may be wondering where the best coworking spaces are. Fortunately, there are several to choose from. The best coworking space in El Nido is probably the one that offers a great location. If you want to stay in a tropical paradise while doing your business, El Nido has it all.

Located on the outskirts of El Nido, Kalye Artisano is a coworking space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers the opportunity to get your hands dirty in the kitchen. It is a 325-hectare sustainable beachside development that includes a coworking space, yoga classes, and artisanal retail.


Whether you are working on a remote job or looking for a new place to work, coworking spaces in El Nido, Palawan can offer you a professional space for your work. With the rise of online work, there are numerous coworking spaces in leading metropolises around the world. Here are some of The best Coworking spaces in El Nido.

First Coworking Community is a perfect place for brainstorming sessions. This coworking space is also perfect for small teams and artists. The community is open from 8 AM to 6 PM and can accommodate up to 60 people. It also provides free parking for three hours. The Kalye Artisano building is a coworking space that’s surrounded by lush greenery. This place offers workshops to help you start your own business. It’s also an artisanal retail hub.


Whether you are working from home or working abroad, you should find a coworking space that offers you a comfortable space, a stable internet connection, and a reliable wifi signal. You will also need to find a place to nap in, and a place to shower.

The first coworking space on the island, South Lombok Cowork offers high-speed internet and ergonomic chairs. They also have a beachfront location with great views of the sea. There are several desks available for you to use, along with a meeting room. You can also rent a motorbike to get around town. The cost is around $6-14 per day.

Another coworking space, Kalye Artisano, is a unique artisanal retail hub in the Philippines. It has 921 square meters of coworking space and is surrounded by lush greenery. They also have a restaurant and yoga studio. They offer a 100% plant-based menu, gluten-free food, and cooking classes.


Whether you’re a digital nomad or you simply want to work from a tropical paradise, El Nido is a great place to work. It’s known for its low cost of living, beautiful beaches, and outdoor activities. During the high season, it can get very busy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place to work. There are many places to work in El Nido, but you might want to look for a quieter space.

There are some hotels that can also serve as coworking spaces. The Blue Mango hotel, for instance, offers private rooms at very affordable rates. Located near the beach, it’s also a popular spot for business conferences.


Located on the island of Palawan in the Philippines, El Nido is a popular destination for digital nomads. A growing number of online jobs have created an opportunity for many to work remotely. While El Nido has a handful of coworking spaces, there are also plenty of cafes that offer the same services.

Colabora offers coliving accommodation and coworking space. Its design standards are high and the environment is ideal for productive work. The coworking space is also equipped with high-speed WiFi, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and an outdoor terrace. There are also personal lockers and a makerspace. Distrito 17 is a former garage turned coworking space in Medellin. The community is composed of motorcycle enthusiasts. The space offers high-speed internet and free coffee.

Last Word

So,Located in the heart of San Luis Potosi, El Nido CoWorking offers a comfortable, professional working environment for business and leisure travelers. The coworking space has high-speed Wi-Fi, a virtual office service, and a rentable event space. It’s a great place to meet other professionals and entrepreneurs.

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