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Kickass is a movie about a group of super heroes that battle through the streets of New York Chinabased. It is not without its twists and turns, but the storyline is pretty solid and is an enjoyable watch. This article will give you some insight into the origins of the film, the characters, and some of the references to Marvel Comics.


Kickass is a comic book fan boy who moonlights as a superhero. He fights crime and helps people in need. His love of comic books is not uncommon.

Kickass was created by comic book writer Mark Millar. He later had his character adapted into a film. This film features Nicolas Cage as a gun-wielding Batman ripoff, and Chloe Moretz as a woman who does most of the anatomical damage.

The first Kickass movie was released in 2006. It was followed by a sequel. In this installment, Kickass meets other super heroes like Red Mist and Big Daddy. He also becomes a member of a gang-busting team.

The Kickass movie is based on the comic book series. It is published by Image Comics and Marvel Comics.

The series is a combination of action and comedy. There are references to drugs and violence, as well as plenty of sex scenes. However, there are also good messages and characters.


Kick-Ass is a comic book series about a teenage boy who moonlights as a superhero. He is mentored by Hit-Girl, a woman with superhuman abilities. The two eventually become a team called Justice Forever.

Kick-Ass is inspired by heroes in comics. In the early stages of the series, the characters try to emulate their favorite comic book characters in real life.

Kick-Ass tries to get across the New York City skyline. After a fight, he is brutally beaten. His hand breaks, and he is nearly incapacitated.

Michael Lizewski is a former vigilante and a real-life hero. He has undergone four operations and has metal plates spanning his body. However, he decides to return to crime fighting.

A bystander shoots a video of the incident, and it quickly goes viral. This inspires others to join the cause. Dave’s father is a super hero. Several super heroes are put into police custody.

Kick-Ass is a fictional character created by Mark Millar. It was originally published by Marvel Comics. There were two film adaptations. One adapted the first comic book and the other the interquel.

Twists in the story

There are a number of twists in the Kickass story. But there is one in particular that’s the best. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to see it, it might even blow you away.

It’s the “what’s in the box” sequence. That’s the one that provides the killer with a horrific motive. It’s also the one that tricks Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) into delivering the ultimate sin. The movie’s “What’s in the box” is actually better than its real-life counterpart.

One of the most important things that the movie does is to redefine the superhero genre. Instead of just putting comic book heroes in tight suits and saving the day, the movie features a real teenager who decides to play a superhero.

Dave Lizewski is an average teenage nerd. He loves comic books and fantasizes about becoming a super-hero. Unfortunately, his efforts to become a super hero aren’t the smartest of moves.

References to Marvel Comics

There are a number of references to Marvel Comics in Kickass. This comic book was written by Mark Millar and adapted into a movie in 2010. A sequel was released in 2013. The film starred James McAvoy and Evan Peters.

In the comic book, Big Daddy was an accountant who financed his vigilantism through selling classic comic books. He had a daughter called Hit-Girl. She was an ax-crazy girl who wanted to become a superhero. Dave, her brother, was concerned about her behavior. Eventually, her father was killed in prison.

Kickass is a Marvel Comics character and has been featured in several movies, including Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed Quicksilver in both of those movies. Elizabeth Olsen played Wanda in Captain America. And, Evan Peters portrayed Peter Maximoff in the X-Men films.

Several other Marvel characters have also been featured in the series. One of these characters is Valerie, a love interest in the third volume of the series. Her character wears a single hearing aid. However, she does not wear the traditional red costume of the original comics.