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CBD shop Schweiz gives you all directions to use or take CBD medicine

The blame on cannabis oil if used incorrectly

It would certainly be unthinkable that hemp oil. It can have many benefits just like this. But how If the body receives too much substance? Or some patients have allergic reactions. These side effects may occur as well.

  • have diarrhea
  • feel exhausted
  • appetite or weight has changed

If the patient has symptoms related to the heart as well. May cause an abnormal heart rate, dizziness to the point of being unconscious, as well as may cause emotional instability change at any time.

if the patient or those who violate the use of extracts containing cannabis overdose and continue for a long time May cause addiction. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, cannabis abuse May lead to addiction symptoms. Most of the people who started trying it were classified as pre-teens between the age of 13 and became addicted. Until adulthood and may have side effects on the nervous system and the brain from chemicals in cannabis. It also results in psychotic symptoms, such as delusions (hallucinations), unexplained paranoia, etc. If you buy CBD from CBD shop Schweiz, they give you a proper use routine so that no error occurs here.

Conclusion on the use of hemp oil in cancer treatment

From the article above, there is still one thing that is still widely debated in the medical community and research teams about the use of cannabis oil. Treatment of cancer, so the National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Institute; NCI), USA. Therefore, we have reviewed the study to relieve this doubt again. In this study, it was found that marijuana had a positive interaction with bladder cancer cells. This allows users to reduce their risk of developing bladder cancer by up to 45 per cent.

If you want to buy CBD medicine from any local shop, that will not be good because they don’t obey all the rules of CBD products. But CBD shop Schweiz follows all of these rules.

According to a 2019 study, researchers hypothesized an experimental focus on pancreatic cancer. It has been found that marijuana use may lead to substances that inhibit the growth of many types of cancer cells. However, it still has to wait to prove it for sure. as well as adjust the effectiveness of the drug for further treatment of the patient

if it is in the form of cannabis oil that has undergone the extraction process and has been certified by the state May provide medical benefits in the treatment of disease conditions. But if it violates the regulations, it is used in inhalation until it becomes heavily addicted. It may result in your body getting worse. It also damages the nervous system. and the functions of other internal organs as well.

However, in some studies Looking back at cannabis oil may help reduce side effects from the patient undergoing chemotherapy Radiation only removes cancer cells. Because receiving treatment with this procedure May cause the patient to have nausea, loss of appetite and additional anxiety. Bringing cannabis oil is another help. It may help people who undergo radiation therapy to relieve these symptoms without feeling much pain.

Finally, for hemp oil. to be used to treat cancer, Analysis still needs to be done. And continue to experiment or should seek advice from a specialist in cancer treatment with appropriate methods.

Although there are many perspectives in research, it does not mean that all cancer patients will be cured from using this cannabis oil. Therefore, for the safety of your health, patients and those around you, please strictly follow your doctor’s advice during treatment for good results, and buy CBD products from CBD shop Schweiz.