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Car detailing myths to be aware of

Car detailing has many advantages. Proper car detailing doesn’t just clean your car but also treats problems like dents and scratches and secures it from oxidation. However, there have been too many myths about car detailing, which lead to a bad experience. Car owners fail to realize the significance of car detailing till it gets late. It doesn’t just make your vehicle lose its appearance but also its structural integrity. Maintenance is a must whether you plan to keep your car for long or resale it. So, ignoring car detailing can cost you big. Here are some myths that you should debunk.

  • Dish detergent is an alternative to car cleaning agents.

This is a common myth that people have when they talk about car detailing. Knowing that a dishwasher has been designed to clean your dishes, car owners often choose it as an alternative. Detergents and dishwashers can leave soap stains on your car and further cause abrasion, stripping away its paint.

  • A shiny car is always clean

A lot of people think that a shiny car is clean. But the truth is not the same. Both the exterior and interior of the vehicle have a lot of dirt, and you should choose an efficient car detailing service that treats your exterior and interior cleaning equally.

  • Air fresheners are sufficient to eliminate foul odors

No, you cannot remove bad odor using air fresheners; you can mask it. You should go for good interior detailing to remove foul odor from your car. So, get good interior detailing done if you want to get rid of a bad smell.

  • Water spots are untreatable

Water spots are sometimes tough to get rid of, but it is not true that they are untreatable. Professionals choose a water spot removal service with car detailing to eliminate ugly spots on their vehicles.

If you have water stains on your car, you should avail of auto detailing services. For the best services in Edmonton, choose First Detailing Studio and get perfect car detailing results.

  • Machine polishing damages the paint of the car

Polishing tools used by expert detailing companies designed for car polishing are safe for your vehicle. However, it is always suggested to choose a skilled detailer to get it done.

  • You don’t need detailing regularly

Often car owners think that they have done their detailing, and now their car will not need any such service for another year. But the reality is different. Car detailing depends on how often you use your vehicle, the weather condition of the area, and how dirty your car gets in a month or six months. Once you know these things, you can decide the frequency of car detailing.

. 4D Number Plates are illegal

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to the legality of 4d number plates on the road. We can confirm that these types of plate ARE road legal and can be a great way to make your car look sleeker.


There are many other myths about car detailing, and people who don’t have the proper knowledge about it often believe it. So, now that you have debunked these myths, you can harness the right power of auto detailing and get the best for your car. Remember, car detailing is vital for your vehicle, and you should only look for a professional car detailing company to do it for you. First Detailing Studio has a highly qualified team who offers top-notch detailing services at the best price using advanced tools. Contact them to get an instant quote.