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Best Public Health Journals

To find the best public health journals, you should consider the following criteria. The journals listed below publish original research that is of a high scientific standard and are well-respected. If you are interested in learning about a specific topic, you can also read reviews and special issue proposals. In addition, these journals offer an opportunity to discuss important issues facing public health. In addition to this, they can also be helpful for finding a job.

A large percentage of articles published in the leading public health journals come from this category. In fact, the top five journals in the category have h-index scores over 20. The top journals are ranked according to the number of citations per paper and their impact factor. For more information, check out the T200 ranking. These are the top-ranked journals in all fields, and they are the most widely cited.

In addition to these journals, there are several other important types of publications that feature articles about public health. Journals like American Journal of Epidemiology, Environmental Health Perspectives, and Social Science & Medicine have the highest h-indexes among them. Those publications have the highest average number of citations per paper. Other journals include Annual Review of Public Health and Social Science & Medicine. The h-index indicates the quality of the journal.