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If you’re looking for a talented kid who is not afraid of causing trouble, look no further than JJ. His Got Talent performances have received over 180 million YouTube views and he has a following of loyal fans all over the world. He’s been featured on several TV shows including The Today Show, Today Extra, Sunrise, The Morning Show, and The Last Laugh. He’s also been featured in publications like USA Today, People Magazine, and Funny Or Die. He is an incredible talent and is a true professional on stage.

JJ is one of The Pogues’ most dangerous members. He’s reckless, has a temper, and doesn’t stay still for long. However, he’s loyal to his friends and puts them before himself. Although JJ’s actions can be dangerous, he’s always ready to take the first step in solving any problem.

JJ stands for “just joking.” It means “last statement was a joke.” Nowadays, people tend to use JK instead of JJ. The word first became popular during the earliest days of online chat. Back then, AIM and dial-up internet were common. In the early 2000s, JJ was a popular phrase and was used by many in online chat.


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