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Monday, December 11, 2023

20 Examples of Non-Perishable Foods

If you have to spend time in a quarantine zone, you should have plenty of non-perishable foods at hand. While butter can be left out for a few days, it can get rancid. Therefore, you should refrigerate it as soon as you get it. Non-perishable foods are also important in times of medical emergencies, natural disasters, and public health emergencies.

In general, cooked vegetables perish much faster than raw ones, and leftovers should be consumed within a few days. Eggs, even hard-boiled, are susceptible to spoilage, but they can last up to a week in the fridge. Mushrooms, on the other hand, have a shelf life of around 10 days once you’ve broken off the root. If you’re storing them in a plastic bag, they’ll have a shorter shelf life.

Another good example of non-perishable foods is dried produce. Dried berries can stay fresh for several days without refrigeration. Dried fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and carrots, can last up to half that time. They can be used in soups, trail mixes, and other recipes that call for fresh produce. To preserve the best quality of berries, you can buy them in vacuum-sealed containers.

Some non-perishable items, like nuts, are nutrient-rich, and can be stored for many years without refrigeration. Some of them are packed with ingredients that are bad for you, but others can be good for you and your family. Try canned beans or dried beans, which are able to last up to five years at room temperature. Some of them, however, have a shelf life of six months.